Monday, May 14, 2012

Picking colors for my next painting.

Picking the colors for my art is always has always been an important part in the creative process . Not only does it set the mood it also it enhances the emotional content and reaches the viewer on a more sub conscious level. 
I have been thinking about painting Lazlo, my three year old sun. He is very clear about the thinks he wants, emotional life is an open book, he currently loves pink and he most certainly has his very own sense of fashion. 
As I was walking through our garden the other day, I could not help but notices how many pinks and yellows I saw next to each other and I knew that that would be the perfect color scheme for Lazlo's portrait.

Here's Lazlo wearing the latest spring fashion. One of my skirts held up by suspenders with blue ballerina shoes. This outfit works well when you're on a horse ranch, as seen here or at any cocktail party.

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